Dissertation on Sociology

Sociology is a subject which is concerned with the study of humans making sense of their surroundings. There are different perspectives which have varying thoughts about the world works. The Functionalists are the group of people who think that the society is concentrated of everything good. They claim that everything which happens is for the betterment of the humans. Their main focus is on the value consensus, which is the shared agreement of values which are accepted by everyone in society. A bit on the unrealistic side, Functionalism is a bit too biased as they do not view any bad things happening in society.

There are other perspectives which are present as well. These include Marxism, Post Modernism and Interpretivism. Marxists are concerned with the inequality in society. They claim that the society is based on class differences and that the rich exploit the poor on the basis of their power and social class. Post Modernism is a new school of thought. They are basically operative to criticize faults in other theories. They are more of like critics. Interpretivism is the school of thought which is concerned with the greater freedom of the individual over the socialization process.

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